Hearing Health – NZ’s Premier Hearing Clinic

Hearing Health is a locally owned, independent hearing healthcare clinic, providing a full range of hearing services to Hamilton, Cambridge, Thames, Morrinsville and also the wider Waikato  region. With a highly experienced team, and the latest in audiology equipment, you can trust us to give an accurate assessment of where you are at with your hearing health.

If you have started to experience noticeable hearing loss, we are able to help you return to a normal state of being by custom fitting you with the latest hearing products, designed to let you experience the world around you loud and clear.

Ultimate Hearing Healthcare

Among our high quality products are a selection of world-class hearing aids. Each of these are highly recommended by our team of experts, it’s simply a matter of us finding the right one for you.

More Than Just a Hearing Test

Even once you have been fitted with a hearing aid, or other product, we will continue to monitor your progress, providing after sales service and evaluating any improvements you may be making.

If you or your loved one could benefit from becoming a member of the Hearing Health family, don’t hesitate to contact us..